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General Information

Is the Land of Oz abandoned?

"Don't make me laugh"... the Land of Oz is a privately owned property that is open to the public during selected events throughout the year. We hope to see you there during our many seasonal events.

Is the Land of Oz available for public access?

No, as it is a private property and under 24 hour surveillance. Those caught trespassing will be prosecuted, no exceptions. We are only open during our hosted events throughout the year. If you would like information about private tours, special events, etc. Please contact us to arrange by appointment only.

Can I rent out the Land of Oz for a private photo or film shoot?

At this time, the Land of Oz is not available for private film or photo shoots.

What is the difference between Private Tours & Autumn at Oz?

Private Tours are guided private tours with your own personal Land of Oz Historian as your guide. Here you can skip down the Yellow Brick Road and learn about this historic theme park located atop North Carolina's mystic Appalachian Mountains. Go behind the scenes of this unique theme park built in the 1970s and take some of the most incredible scenic photos high in the sky without the crowds. Additionally, we have extended the magic to include a performance by Dorothy herself! Autumn at Oz is a three-weekend event in which you travel down the Yellow Brick Road at your own leisure. Here you will meet all your favorite characters from the classic film where you will have photo opporunities with everyone from Dorothy and Aunt Em in Kansas to the Lion in his forest, the Munchkins, Flying Monkeys at the Witch’s Castle, and Toto, too! Be sure to catch our character shows throughout the park in Kansas and along the Yellow Brick Road; a full-scale experience including a journey's end in the magical Emerald City.

When can I visit the Land of Oz?

Land of Oz is only open for Private Tours and our annual Autumn at Oz™ festival. Click here if you would like information about booking a private tour!

Can I dress as a character?

Absolutely! We encourage that fans dress up. Be sure to dress in a way that allows you to stay warm if the weather turns cold.

What is Land of Oz?

We are a privately own park open only for special events such as Journey with Dorothy & Autumn at Oz only. We are no longer a fully functioning theme park, visitors are only allowed on property during our ticketed events or by special appointment only. Feel to contact us to inquire about setting an appointment.

Want to be a vendor at our events?

Contact us vendors@landofoznc.com

Autumn at Oz

What, When, Where, and How?

Stay tuned for more information.

Private Tours

What is the time expectancy for a Private Tour?

90 minutes is allotted for Private Tours.

Can we purchase a tour the day of?

We highly recommend the prepurchase of your tour as dates have been known to sellout.

What we will see on a Private Tour?

You tour the park starting with the Fountain Youth, Judy Garland Overlook Memorial Gazebo and make your way into Kansas. There you will see the Gale Farmhouse and Barn. Special this year will be an appearance from Dorothy for a photo opportunity. Then you will be whisked away to the storm cellar to avoid the terrible twister. As you exit you will find yourself in the Land of Oz complete with Yellow Brick Road, character stages, photo opportunities and engaging tour guide. Your tour guide will entertain with knowledge from Wizard of Oz movie trivia, Baum Book information and of course the history of the belove park.

Will we have to take the chairlift?

Chairlifts are not part of the Land of Oz experience this year. Private Tours will check-in at the Land of Oz Shop and follow a guide to the park. Land of Oz Shop 2669 Beech Mountain Parkway Beech Mountain, NC 28604

Can we tour in the rain?

Private Tours operate rain or shine!

Can I bring my infant?

Children ages 2 and under receive free admission

Can I bring a stroller?

The park was built with multiple staircases and natural uneven paths. Please be sure strollers can fold quickly to maneuver stairs.

Are you handicap accessible?

The park was built with multiple staircases and natural uneven paths. Special accommodations can be made prior to a visit.

Can we stay after our tour?

Private Tours are guided and limited to a specific time as other tours will be on property in different places.

Can we explore on our own?

Private Tours are accompanied by a tour guide.

Is there a group discount?

At this time discounts are not offered.

Is there a military discount?

At this time discounts are not offered.

Can we dress up and wear costumes?

Guests in costume are always welcome and encouraged.

Will others be on the Private Tour?

Your private tour, is well, private. Only consisting of you, your group members, and your very own Land of Oz historian tour guide.